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There is a place pilots talk about, but few have ever been. It's a place where training, aircraft design, and a pilot's ability to stay cool are put to the absolute test.

The Challenge of Flight series takes you there when it all goes wrong. When raw power, fear, and the ejection seat are all the pilot has left.

Join us for this special preview of the Challenge of Flight, and go where few pilots have ever been before!

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COF #0    $19.95


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Final Approach

COF #1    $19.95

Here, for the first time ever, is the unbelievable footage of pilot and aircraft in the most trying moments of flight. Tortured, twisted, and straining to save it, you'll see how pilot and aircraft respond in emergencies during takeoffs and landings.

Watch WWII carrier pilots twist their way over the deck, clawing for the wire, careening into the island and walking away. See the F-16 in a take-off no pilot should have survived. And witness crash testing that actually explodes in front of your very eyes.

It's all here, narrated to give you a fighter pilot's understanding of the equipment and training necessary to stay alive.

This incredible cassette shows you the air war of WWII as it was seen from the gunsights of American fighters and attackers. Mustangs, Corsairs, Thunderbolts, and Lightnings all get in their licks as they go air-to-air and air-to-ground against the best Japan and Nazi Germany had.

Be in the center of dog fights. Strafe German trains and Japanese Zeros. Dive down for the ones trying to get away.

This is the original gun footage of WWII, raw and edited only for ease of viewing. It is unique -- it is a viewing experience unlike anything ever released from the cameras of WWII.

This cassette contains air-to-air and air-to-ground gun camera footage. Although historical in nature and not intended to show undue violence, the act of shooting down an aircraft or strafing objects on the ground may not be suitable for the whole family.

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Whispers Of Death

COF #2   $19.95


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Eject! Eject!

COF #3  $19.95

When there's nowhere to go but down, pilots in trouble face the ultimate challenge. With test footage never before seen, this tape tells the story of the development of a pilot's safety system of last resort: the ejection seat.

With never-before-seen test and crash footage that traces the progress from flight without emergency egress systems to today's relatively reliable ejection seats, the pilots who survived tell their tales here for the first time.

Experience the challenges faced everyday by America's finest pilots flying some of the most advanced hardware anywhere. The pilots tell you first hand with original flightline footage, cockpit cameras, authentic cockpit sounds, and radio chatter.

Learn about their aircraft and their job. From assignment night to combat, from the C-5A to the F-15E, you'll see and hear the world of military aviators as if you were there yourself.

Special footage, released here for the first time, comes directly from combat cameras, on location in theater, and at airbases, on carriers, and stations across America. This is the world of America's frontline air power -- told entirely in the words of the pilots who live it every day.

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Canopies Up!

COF #4   $19.95


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Eagles Over The Gulf

COF #5  $19.95

The pilots who flew the sorties tell their story in exclusive interviews as "Eagles Over the Gulf" brings you the footage of the aircraft and air crews of Desert Storm.

Pilots describe the tension, the exhilaration, the rigors of daily contact -- in their own words, accompanied by the original air footage, shot entirely in the Gulf.

"Eagles" brings you the story behind the story, in vivid color and clarity. From Stealths to Warthogs, carrier landings to Riyadh runways. Dramatically edited from hundreds of hours of the finest broadcast footage from the world over.

The most stunning scenes of the world's most powerful fighter aircraft, stories only the pilots could tell, in a film of unprecedented emotional power.

The ultimate Challenge of Flight: Deliver the weapon. The pilot's mettle isn't really tested until the fighting gets in close, until it's time to go to the guns.

In "Go To Guns," you'll see the development and testing of the weapons systems that make the United States the unchallenged ruler of the skies. You'll see footage of the air-to-air engagements that changed the balance of power, and take part in actual attacks from the bomb's-eye-view. Be a witness to the destructive power of today's weapons systems when you "Go To Guns."

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Go To Guns

COF #6 $19.95

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Adversary Air

COF #7  $19.95

Fighter pilots study their opponents the way football teams study game films. How good are their jets? How hard to they fly them? Will they be able to shoot me down? The questions are simple, the answers are a matter of life and death.

To look at our opponents, we took our Challenge of Flight cameras to where they fly the jets we may one day fight: Moscow. What we saw was chilling. The awesome MIG-29 Fulcrums, the SU-27 fighters, and three of the world's deadliest strategic bombers. Piloted with an abandon not often seen in the West.

Are we really the world's top guns? Judge for yourself. It's all here, some of the hottest, most unusual flying we've filmed, set to music, edited for continuity, but largely without interruption so you can watch it the way we pilots do. If you fly, this is your game film. Join us for a first hand look at the adversary air power of mother Russia.

Your job ... get through to the Target. The Enemy's job ... to stop you and your jet.

This is the story of the high-speed run, the Target Run .. against a gauntlet of AAA, SAMs and hostile MIGs from an enemy that wants to blow you out of the sky. The bomb run can be called one of the most task saturated environments in aviation: Switchology. Flying the jet. Head in and head out. Confusion on the radio. Dodging the enemy's fire.

In war, pilots must react to each situation as it comes. There are no milk runs. Each second is different. One sometimes wonders how it was that any jet got in and back out in one piece. Truly a fog bank of confusion, smoke, debris, and hostile fire, ... the pilot, flying low across the deck must find the friendlies and get his eyes on the target, drop his bombs and get out in a matter of seconds. More SAMs and AAA. Will it ever stop? ... Head'n home. Only, to come back tomorrow.

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Gettin' In / Gettin' Out

COF #8  $19.95

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Out Of Control

COF #9  $19.95

Pilots have lost control of airplanes since the very first days of flight. Stalls, spins and unusual attitudes have long challenged new and experienced aviators alike. The wrong angle of bank, too much pitch, too little airspeed, equipment failure, or any combination of these and dozens of other conditions -- often lead to an airplane desperately "Out of Control."

Those that fly know these dangers. They know that there are inescapable boundaries separating what is safe from what can kill. Though they train to recognize those boundaries, to stay within the margins that will bring them home to fly another day, airplanes still go out of control. Every pilot knows that staying in control is yet another CHALLENGE OF FLIGHT!

Flight is no and never has been a boundless expanse. Rather, aviators live with immutable rules, inescapable constraints, physical and scientific limits that stand as surely before them as gravity itself.

There are limits on speeds and altitudes, g-forces, human factors; limits on weapons, weights, loadings, and countless other variables. The Challenge and the job for the engineers and the test pilots, is to overcome these limits. New engines, new materials, new design concepts force old limits out of the way -- and turn over to flight testing, the mysteries, risks, dangers, and often cataclysmic outcomes of the new ones.

Once the boundaries are set, one's imagination is free to explore new horizons and again be part of the timeless CHALLENGE .. to Push the Limits of Flight.

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Pushing The Limits

COF #10   $19.95



Nowhere Else To Go


COF #11  $19.95

No job is more hazardous than Carrier Air operations. Yet, few Navy pilots would trade their seats for any land-based aircraft.

The cat launch: nothing feels better than a good solid cat stroke. A naval aviator plans for the worst. A soft or cold cat, locked flight controls, improper attitude, engine failures, all contribute to the long list of potential problems that could mean a lost aircraft and a hot seat into the drink.

The recovery: the most challenging phase of flight. With steady seas and a bright sun, pilots say they can cat a trap all day long. But add in-flight emergencies, mechanicals, blown tires, pitching decks, and low fuel states, and the recovery becomes a test of confidence, skill and nerves.

The best trained professionals in the world ... steeped in the knowledge that they must do their jobs well because, cruising across the vast expanse of the oceans, there is ... Nowhere Else to Go!

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